Jenny Wiener: ‘Brussels’

brusselsQuest 21
Contemporary art gallery
Avenue de Stalingrad Laan 21, 1000 Brussels
9 – 27 November 2013
Open Sunday: meet and greet the artist on Sunday 10 November 2013 from 11am to 4pm.

Jenny Wiener’s complex iconic images of measurement reveal the illusions of numerical dependency using the rigidity of mathematics and the fluidity of wit.

Wiener’s practice centres on measurement. She starts from the perception that nothing is as it seems, and uses her startlingly different analytic mind and quirky humour to question the assumptions and components we use to define and assess, qualify and quantify. Her concern is that we are increasingly reduced to numbers: serial numbers, pin numbers, illogical scorecards, random statistics and units of measurements – measuring everything and nothing. In her practice, she selects measures and then applies forensic dissection to subject matter as varied as Noah’s Ark, Cézanne’s’ Mont St Victoire, L. Frank Baum’s Yellow Brick Road and the comparative heights of the American presidents.

Often combining intricate technical drawing with layers of coloured geometric shapes, Wiener employs a wide range of processes, always considering the relationship between the process and the subject matter. These range from traditional printmaking, in the use of lithography and screen print to digital technology. Digital images are always created and conceived of as digital.

A catalogue is now available.

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